Black Mamba TCT + PVD and Cermet

Our Black Mamba circular blades are the latest evolution in the field of high-speed cutting of   steels,  stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium.

The blades are available with  tungsten carbide teeth (TCT) or ceramic (Cermet) teeth, in both cases with latest generation PVD (TiAlN multilayer) coatings to increase surface hardness and reduce friction to allow a much cooler cut.

 Advantages of using TCT and Cermet + PVD circular cores are:
  • high cutting speed
  • long blade life
  • decrease in cycle times
  • increase of the cut pieces
  • better finish of the piece
  • decreases in cutting temperatures
  • repetitiveness and constancy
  • possibility of using minimal lubrication with a strong decrease in the necessary quantities of coolant
  • decrease in waste

Below our standard production. Our technical service is at your disposal to study your kind of cut and identify the ideal blade for you, suggesting the possible improvements and the achievable efficiency objectives, also creating customized geometries of the teeth to obtain maximum performance according to your machine,   materials and type of pieces you need to cut. Our “Site Survey” service for the analysis and optimization of your cutting operations is completely free, take advantage immediately by calling +390444450404 or by writing to