Our company sell and manufactures engineering tools, special tools, special machine tool accessories and band saw blades.
You are sure to find something of interest amongst our 30,000+ engineering and metalworking products.

To turn your own, specific component ideas into reality, you need the right tools for the machining operation. Tools for turning, milling, drilling and threading by Magnabosco. We offer you not only the right high-tech tools, but also advice and guidance, right from the idea through to implementation of the
made-to-measure machining process.Today, almost anything is possible in the field of  tools. In collaboration with the customer, we work continuously to develop new and innovative solutions to the most kind of problems in the most kind of industry sectors

Capture the value of Magnabosco
Take costs out of managing you facilities
When you choose Magnabosco you get a partner who knows you don’t have time or money to waste. We’re here to help you save in:

– How you purchase your supplies
– How you manage your inventory
– Helping you manage safety
– Helping you operate sustainably

How you purchase

Magnabosco improve your purchasing proccess by:
reducing the number of your suppliers buying only what you need, when you need it standardizing the products you use 

How you manage inventory

Magnabosco can show you how to:
Reduce inventory and improve products availability
Cut the times it takes to manage your inventory

How you maintain safety

Magnabosco helps you keep your employess and facilities safe, allowing for: Less down time
Fewer work-related incurie

How to operate sustainably

Magnabosco support “go green” efforts so you can:
Reduce Energy costs
Cut waste and water consumption