We have a close collaboration with MEP spa, the largest manufacturer of saws in Italy with 280 employees, 75 models in the catalog and 4000 machines produced every year, for the research, development and optimization of all our blades.


Mep produces manual, semi-automatic and automatic band sawing machines and high-speed disc sawing machines for metal cutting, with production plants in three continents, it is one of the leading and most innovative companies in the world in its field.


Our partnership aims to provide users with ever more performing and flexible machines and blades to meet all the needs of an increasingly complex and variable world of work.


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Mep s.p.a. Via Magnani 1 61045 Pergola (PU) Tel + 39 0721 73721 info@mepsaw.it

Velocex 175  bars D.mm 175

Circular blade TCT/Cermet 560 x 3 mm

Shark 660 CNC 4.0 660 x 660 mm

Band saw/HM 54 x 8400 mm